Welcome...   to an unforgettable high country experience  on a New Zealand sheep station.  Exclusively for you and your partner (or friend), we personally tailor to your individual needs.  (Small groups by arrangement.)

About Us

Beaumont Station
Although farmed much earlier, Beaumont was one of the first recorded leases to be officially purchased in Southland in 1857 and was then around 58,000 acres.  In those early days there were little or no fences and boundary riders were employed to keep the sheep within the station boundaries.  Flecks Hut
  was named after one such character, an Irishman, who lived there with his wife and 3 children in the mid 1800's.   Only a distant memory now, the cabin is a quiet, peaceful interlude amid the beautiful, expansive, tussock grasslands.  It is a frequent stop for visitors. 

Today Beaumont is approximately 18,000 acres of predominately rolling to steep hill country, with some cultivated pasture.  Stock numbers fluctuate seasonally and can change from year to year depending on outside influences, such as weather and prices.  However, the station generally winters around 10,000 sheep and 600 Hereford cattle.  Aside from Flecks, Beaumont has another 'back country' cabin, which is located near one of its furthest boundaries.  Barretts Hut was originally built for musterers accommodation during a  bygone era.  Situated amidst, stunning, secluded surroudings, this rustic abode is a popular family retreat.  It is also used for overnight 'back to nature' experiences for visitors and as a lunch stop on the full day 4-wheel drive tours.

The Minty Family
Truly a family business, Beaumont has been owned and managed by the Minty family since 1982.  Struan is a third generation farmer with a wealth of experience.  Three of our four children were born on the property.  Christina, the eldest in the family, is farming with her partner Tyson and two children in close proximity.  Our eldest son Glen; a  vital member of the team at Beaumont, has been with us a number of years.  He offers the vitality, enthusiam and fresh prospective a new generation can bring and between father and son the farming business is quietly growing.  Lenore, daughter number two, is now breeding her own horses on Beaumont, although with 3 small children the venture is still in the very early stages. Living only half an hour away, Mike (her partner) and Lenore are also working towards their their own farming venture.  Richard, the youngest is currently head stockman on a sheep and beef property in the North Island.  There is also one full time local employee who has been a loyal and dedicated employee to the Minty family for many years and an enthusiastic, young man who is a more recent addition. 

Of course, it is important to include the loyal, tireless unpaid members of the 'team'.  The farm dogs play a vital role on the farm and without them it would be impossible to manage the stock-work with proficiency and ease.  Glen is the main person responsible for the day to day handling of stock and he has an extensive team of capable and hardworking dogs.  Lynn also enjoys this type of work, especially mustering on horseback and has three of these loyal animals.  Two are very capable, with the other one young and keen, but inexperienced.  Struan has three working dogs.  Along with this, there is Cody, who would like to think he is the dog responsible for pest management on the farm.  But, alas, try as he might, he more often plays the role of 'faithful companion'.  With a wonderful personality and gentle manner, he is very popular with visitors. 

Operating since 2003, the tourism aspect, which is seasonal, is Lynn's passion.  She manages this business with the  willing support of her husband Struan.  Both enjoy their visitors immensely and take great pride in offering an unforgettable experience.  Also helping Lynn are her faithful team of dedicated horses.  There are currently six of them and they provide horse riding visitors with many enjoyable hours in the saddle.  View our visitors comments.


Beaumont High Country Experience operates seasonally from November to April, offseason by arrangement.

Beaumont High Country Experience
Struan and Lynn Minty
Beaumont Station, RD 1,
Otautau 9689, Southland, New Zealand
Phone: 03 280 3540        Mobile: 027 292 8204
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We are located in Western Southland, New Zealand

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