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Payment can be made through a bank deposit, cheque in NZ dollars (including travelers cheque), Amex Visa, MasterCard, PayPal account, or cash. An overseas payment requires a 'physical' visit to your bank, along with our swift code.  Unless paying by cash, payment is much appreciated prior to a booking.

Personal Safety
Operating since 2003, Beaumont High Country Experience has built a reputation for excellence. Hence, it places utmost importance on the safety and enjoyment of its clients. In the instance of horse riding activities, our horses are quiet, gentle, well-mannered and ‘kept in work’ as required. Careful consideration is also given to matching horse and rider. In relation to the four-wheel drive tours, the vehicles used for clients are warranted and registered. Guides are experienced appropriate to their area of expertise. However, there still remains an element of risk, due to the nature of the activities and the natural, outdoor environment in which these take place. Beaumont High Country Experience, along with the owners and occupiers of Beaumont Station, will not be held responsible for these risks.

For the safety and comfort of all participants, you are expected to follow and abide by the directions of your Guide or his/her representative whilst participating in any of the activities offered by the business. If in the opinion of such a person, the health, or conduct of a client at any time, appears likely to endanger the safe, comfortable or happy progress of the activity, this client may be excluded from all, or part of the activity.

Clients must be physically and mentally able to take part in any of the activities they choose to participate in. Please inform your Guide prior to an activity of any medical conditions they should be aware of.

Unless prior arrangements have been agreed to by management, all participants taking part in the activities less than 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Management or its representatives reserve the absolute right to amend, or cancel any activity as a result of adverse weather conditions, farm activities, or any other unforeseen circumstances.

Only Applicable to Persons Providing Their Own Horses:
In the instance of a horse riding activity whereby participants provide their own mount, the ‘intended rider’ will take full responsibility and liability for their horse. Further to this, it is expected that the horse’s temperament, behaviour and ability is appropriate as to not endanger itself, its rider, and/or any other person/s or their horse/s, at all times, whilst on the premises. The ‘intended rider’ accepts full responsibility and liability for any incidents, injuries or damage on the premises that may result if this is not the case.

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